About GroovieGirl

Over the years I have bought and worn so much jewelry and discovered that it would be more fulfilling if I just made my own and wear it. So I started with a few jewelry how-to books, purchased some supplies and tools and the magic started. As time grew on, I started making so many earrings and necklaces from a variety of beads, stones, pendants and wire every weekend. Never thought jewelry making could be so relaxing and fun.

I have always been a creative person, worked in retail in sales and in visual display and graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta to become a graphic designer, also received a degree in fashion merchandising and backed it all up with a business degree so that I can make my mark in the world.

What makes my jewelry special is that GroovieGirl doesn't follow the norm. I implement the use of various beads, colors and textures in a way that wouldn't normally go together. GroovieGirl represents the artistry I would like to see on women. I create something out of the ordinary so that each customer can wear something unique and one-of-the-kind that is not dated and that is not repeated as in mass production. People often tell me that they haven't seen anything like my jewelry and that makes me proud to know that I can offer something very big or small, colorful in many different beads and styles.

I guarantee my work and if a customer isn't satisfied, they can exchange it for something else or they can request something new to be made. I can repair jewelry by re-stringing or re-styling, replace clasps and earwires and beads. I can also change pierced earrings into clip. I would come to my customers if they can't come to me. I work with my customers to give them the best of my product.